Sunday, 19 June 2016

Euro 2016 was very exciting !!

In 2016 the euro in 2016 was held in France. there are 24 countries that joined the tournament. The new format is used to make a small country such as Albania and wales can make the final round so that the goal is very little. This is because they use the strategies to survive. The impact is very minimal their goal in every game. It was actually fine, but it makes the game less palatable to ditonoton. This year is expected to be included in the big four is, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and France. We think this all is not excessive because they show a statistically dominant performance and a good game. Spain looking for a hat-trick of his European Cup, while Germany wants to show himself that he is the champion of the world cup. Belgium is populated by players with his talent of gold with the transfer of the biggest players in this event is very intriguing appearance. French with the young players led by Paul Pogba appear very convincing in the last two games. we do not know who the champion, but we know who our hero himself. thank you .....

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