Monday, 20 June 2016

Chile Make Party With 7-0 Scor ... wawwwww !!!!

This year, as the defending champion chile copa america increasingly showing kekuatanya to advance to the semifinals in 2016. After copa america mexico with scor thrashed 7-0 through goals from Edson Puch (minute 16 ', 88'), Eduardo Vargas (44 ', 52', 57 'and 74'), and Alexis Sanchez (49 '). On Wednesday dated 22/06/2016 Chile will face Colombia in the semifinals. Many are predicting that it will enter the final are Chile and Argentina. It will be a rematch of a second after Chile conquered Argentia in the final the previous period. Mexico was destroyed, but that does not mean not doing any effort. They had eight shots, but not balanced defense played very fragile serve cs Alexis lightning attack from the wings. Chile shows the capacity as a potential champion with a horrible performance for the opponent. Troops aliased La Roja as find their identity again as an aggressive team with a formidable defense.

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